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Power Floss Gentle Dental Water Jet Oral Irrigator

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SOFT FLOSS: Flosses out accumulated food debris and bacteria from between your teeth and braces. Its adjustable jet stream removes plaque more efficiently and gently than string floss without harming your sensitive teeth and gums.

FRESH BREATH ON THE GO: Achieve and maintain good oral health by using the portable jet floss even when travelling. Keep the nozzle in the removable water tank and stow the cordless water flosser in your bag!

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Fill with water or mouth wash and clean your teeth easily. Prevents tartar, soothes sore gums and perfect for tonsil stone removal.

QUICK & EASY: Fill with water, point and press to direct the stream to your gums. This dental water flosser is gentle and easy to use, it can even be used by kids!

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Engineered with air infusion technology to provide a steady stream of water without the need for batteries or electricity making it ideal for travelling.
Portable Jet Floss 

The water jet flosser for teeth allows you to gently get rid of plaque, bacteria and food debris. Its angled nozzle is also perfect to reach the tonsil crypts and remove tonsil stones or flush out dental cavities.

The water stream is gentler than an electric water flosser which is ideal for sensitive gums, cleaning braces, crowns and implants. Use the portable flosser every day to maintain optimal dental health!

Why use an oral irrigator?

Great for overall dental care - removes up to 99.9% of plaque on treated areas
Gentle action water flossing is up to 50% more effective than string-flossing
Up to 5X more effective for cleaning braces than brushing alone
How to get cleaner teeth
Dismantle the pump casing from the water tank.
Add water and/or mouthwash in the recipient up to the MAX line.
Close the recipient.
Use over a sink and direct the irrigator nozzle to the area that needs to be cleaned.
Press on the button to release a stream of water. Regulate the pressure by pushing firmly or gently.
Benefits of using a portable oral irrigator.
Small and lightweight - easy to carry
Smart Lock System that prevents leaks
No electricity or batteries required
Air infusion technology to provide a precise and gentle water stream floss your teeth
Adjustable jet strength

Package Included: 1 pcs NO BATTERY

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